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History Belarus

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Not for one century the travellers has been crossing the territory of Belarus. It is for the advantageous position of the country that lies on the crossroads not only from West and Central Europe to Russia and the States in Asia but as well from Scandinavian countries to southern regions of Europe and Asia. Thus there are great possibilities for the development of transit tourism.

How to get

How to get by air

The National Airport Minsk is the major international airport in Belarus. There are flights to other airports in other towns, though they are not that large–scale.


National holidays of Belarus

January 1 – New Year

January 7 – Christmas (Orthodox).

March 8 – Women’s Day.

May 1 – Labor Holiday.

May 9 – Victory Day.

July 3 – Independence Day of Belarus.

November 7 – October Revolution Day.

December 25 – Christmas (Catholic).

These days are holiday days, when state institutions and departments and also the majority of shops do not work.

Ministry of sport and tourism of the Republic of Belarus

National tourism agency of the Republic of Belarus

Nature of Belarus

There are more than 20 thousand rivers and more than 10 thousand lakes in Belarus. The biggest one is Lake Naroch that occupies 79.6 sq. km.

The forests cover 36 % and the bogs — about 13% of the whole territory. The latter plays a great climatic and hydrological role.

The people Belarus

The population of the Republic is about 9.8 million people. About 70% of population are city–dwellers.


For many centuries (the documentally approved history of Belarus is as long as 10 centuries) Belarusian people have created a unique culture that has become part of Slavonic and international one. The country is located on the edge of East and West not only in a sense of geography but history and culture as well. And this has always encouraged Belarus to intermingle with other countries’ cultures.


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